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    1. Retain and encourage expansion of existing businesses and industries and attract new economic activities, including retail, office buildings and small-scale light industries to provide desired levels of commerce and employment for the Township’s existing and projected population.

    2. Establish and improve networking to support local businesses and their employees.

    3. Acknowledge and promote Florence Township as a great place to live, work and shop.

    4. Seek grants through federal, state, county, local and other funding sources for infrastructure improvements and economic development projects.

    5. Promote and expand upon the Township’s environmental resources, natural features, cultural and historic sites, events and festivals as a way to foster tourism.

    6. Provide changes and enhancements through zoning to establish adequate and appropriate spaces for the establishment of commercial businesses in the downtown area and the Route 130 corridor.

    7. To promote the enhancement of current and future commercial properties within the Township.

    8. Promote development of a planned revitalization of the Route 130 corridor.

    9. Encourage economic development through planned promotion/marketing of those areas that are compatible with and accessible to existing services and transportation.

    10. Encourage mixed-use developments along Hornberger Avenue as well as other key areas in conjunction with public improvements.

    11. Continue to seek improvement of the infrastructure to accommodate projected increases in traffic associated with new commercial development.



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