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Do not dig sign

Did you know that New Jersey law requires you to notify your local utility company anytime you dig into the ground? In the past year, more and more residents are finding out the hard way that simply installing a mailbox or planting a tree can be a dangerous and costly endeavor. What you don't see can cost you your life. Buried beneath our streets, yards and sidewalks are countless utilities that bring us water, natural gas, television signals, electricity and carry away our waste.

Digging into one of these lines often causes disruption of service to you or your neighbors, but more importantly, it can kill you.

To combat the possibility of these unintentional mishaps, there is an all-inclusive source to help you locate interferences and dig safely.

The NJ One Call service takes care of making calls to all of the possible services that may be buried near your dig site. The number to this FREE service is 1-800-272-1000.

Calling before you dig can save your life.



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