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Bike Patrol Patch

In early 1991, the department initiated the relatively new and unique idea of community policing via bicycle mounted police officers. The unit now consists of patrols officers who have received their specialized training through the Burlington County Police Academy.  The training is physically and mentally demanding.  During the training, the officers learned how to ride bicycles around and through obstacles such as stairs, crowds, traffic and ditches.  The officers learn how to quickly dismount the bicycles, use it for protection against someone attacking them and how to pick up objects on the ground while in motion.

Bicycles are mounted on racks to the rear of patrol vehicles. Utilizing the traditional patrol vehicle to move the bike from place to place allows greater mobility and quicker response to the various areas of the township. Officers can quickly respond to an area using their vehicle or, when close by, their bike.

The purpose of the bike patrol is to increase patrol coverage in areas where traditional vehicles cannot access. Parks, alleys and shopping districts are easily maneuvered by bike officers on their mount.

Officers are easily distinguished from civilians as they are outfitted with special police uniforms. The uniforms are designed to allow better flexibility so that the officers are not limited in their abilities. Comfort is of the utmost importance. For this reason shorts or BDU pants are worn with short-sleeved ANSI certified polo shirts and baseball caps.

Bikes are fitted with LED lights, a sounder buzzer, and a carry-all containing first aid supplies and other necessary equipment.


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