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The Florence Township Police Department has employed adult school crossing guards to help ensure the safety of school children in Florence Township for many years.  Adult crossing guards may be used to provide gaps in traffic at school crossings where an engineering study has shown that adequate gaps need to be created, and where authorized by law.

Crossing Gurad holding up stop sign so students can cross the street

With hundreds of students, cars, and buses coming and going, it is imperative that every driver take extra precautions. School administrators, teachers, police officials, crossing guards, and parents have all witnessed dangerous behaviors by drivers near schools. Everyone needs to do their part in keeping school communities safe.

Listed below are actual examples of parents being serious traffic hazards:

  • Double-parking a vehicle in a school zone.
  • Calling a child to cross the street in the middle of the block while waiting in the car.
  • Blocking traffic in a school zone while dropping off or picking up a child.
  • Allowing a child to exit the car into traffic rather than on the sidewalk side of the car.
  • Stopping a car in a crosswalk, blocking visibility for children and other motorists.
  • Driving beside the bus, sounding the horn, and requesting the bus driver to stop, so that a forgotten item could be delivered to a child.
  • Driving while talking on a cell phone, text messaging, or other distractions.
  • Illegally passing a loading or unloading school bus.

For our children’s sake, please be responsible and use good judgment!

Crossing Gurad holding up stop sign so students can cross the street

In 2008, 20% of all children ages 5 to 9 who were killed in traffic crashes were pedestrians.* 

If you drive your children to and from school, these suggestions can minimize traffic hazards for all children:

  • Carpool with neighbors to reduce the number of cars at the school or bus stop, especially in bad weather.
  • Accompany your child as he or she crosses the street. Do not make your child cross the street in a dangerous way just because it is more convenient for you.
  • Drop children off on the school side of the street.
  • Never double park and do not let your child out of a vehicle that is not next to the curb.
  • Follow your school’s traffic pattern for drop-off and pick-up. If your school does not have a plan, contact school officials and suggest that one be developed.
  • Reduce your speed when you enter a school zone, or where children walk or bike along the road.
  • Train your child to look all ways (left, right, behind, and ahead) and to walk cautiously when crossing the street. Stress the importance of always using crosswalks.
  • Both adults and children should follow instructions provided by school crossing guards.
  • Make sure children wear seat belts or are appropriately secured in a child safety or booster seat when riding in a car.

By following these simple recommendations, parents can help keep children safe.

Crossing Gurad holding up stop sign so students can cross the street


  • Go directly to and from school or the bus stop.
  • Cross at corners.
  • Cooperate with police, school safety patrols and adult crossing guards.
  • Search in all directions for approaching vehicles before crossing any street.
  • Obey all traffic signals.
  • WALK across streets. Allow yourself plenty of time.
  • Watch for vehicles that might turn.
  • If you must walk on roads that have no sidewalks, walk facing traffic and as far from the roadway surface as possible.
  • Be extra alert in bad weather. Drivers have trouble seeing and stopping in bad weather.
  • If you must walk after dark, wear some thing reflective or light-colored and carry a flashlight

Signs for Stopping for Crosswalks

New Jersey Statutes:

Sign from AAA - School's Open Drive Carefully

Crossing Guard Locations:

  • In front of Roebling Elementary School
  • In front of Riverbank Charter School
  • Intersection of Delaware Avenue and Hornberger Avenue
  • Intersection of Delaware Avenue and Railroad Avenue
  • Intersection of Hornberger Avenue and Railroad Avenue
  • Intersection of East Front Street and Pine Street
  • Intersection of East Front Street and Cedar Street
  • Intersection of East 5th Street and Pine Street
  • Intersection of Broad Street and 3rd Street

*Based on NHTSA 2008 statistics
©2009 Mid-Atlantic Foundation for Safety and Education


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