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Animal Control Officer

In accordance with Chapter 41 of the Code of the Township of Florence, there is an appointed Animal Control Officer or ACO as he is commonly called. The ACO is responsible to deal with strays, pests and other unwanted invaders of our homes.

He is also charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all cats and dogs are licensed, any animal involved in a biting incident is quarantined and appropriate legal action is taken against any individual allowing an animal to run at large.

The ACO can be reached by calling the Burlington County Police Communication Center at 609-267-8300 24 hours a day. He is in contact with the communications center via radio, telephone and pager service.

The ACO transports his catches in a cage constructed into the rear of a pick-up truck. Most catches are kept at the Municipal Pound for a short time, giving an owner the opportunity to claim their animal. In the event that an animal is not claimed, it is transported to the Burlington County Pound Facility where it is cared for while awaiting adoption.

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