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Physical evidence is often crucial to the successful apprehension and prosecution of persons responsible for criminal acts. As science progresses, chemical fingerprint processing, microscopic analysis and DNA testing, just to mention a few, are areas of evidence collection concerns which have created the need for more specific knowledge and training for police officers conducting investigations. Additional problems concerning blood born pathogens and other disease transmission possibilities require specific safety precautions to be utilized.

Each officer of the Florence Township Police Department receives training in the basic methods of physical evidence collection. More advanced techniques, however, utilize sophisticated equipment and chemicals which can be hazardous to the user if not handled properly. The techniques utilized when employing these chemicals and equipment require more detailed training and experience than can be afforded to each officer. In order to insure that the latest techniques available to law enforcement are employed safely and in sound investigative manners, a number of officers have been designated as Evidence Technicians.

Evidence Techs, as they are called, are responsible for the collection and cataloging of evidence at major crime scenes or when the techniques necessitated by the nature of the evidence require in-depth efforts that are beyond that expected of the duty patrol officer.

The Florence Township Police Department Evidence Techs are:

Police Officer Charles LeVach
Police Officer Brian Panaro
Police Officer Michelle Hollins
Police Officer Fisher


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