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The Florence Township Police Department has employed a Traffic Safety Unit for two decades. Originally implemented with federal and state highway grants, it was designed only for the purpose of gathering and analyzing traffic accident statistics. It's purpose has evolved over the past years to include the scientific investigation of serious traffic collisions.

Unit members are still responsible for collecting and analyzing traffic accident statistics by utilizing computer programming and pin maps to establish frequent locations and causative factors. These studies result frequently in increased selective traffic rule enforcement compensated for, at times, by state or federal highway traffic safety grants.

Over the past few years, several new categories of criminal offenses have been created that pertain to traffic collisions. Specifically, the criminal offense of "Assault by Auto" was created by New Jersey Legislature. Consequently, the investigation of traffic collisions may establish elements which may elevate to more common traffic rule infraction to a criminal prosecution.

Members of the Traffic Safety Unit attend training courses for traffic law enforcement, traffic collision investigation, and traffic collision reconstruction. These courses maintain the members' skills in the scientific analysis of the dynamics of the involved vehicles' pre-collision, collision, and post collision actions. This in-depth investigative effort is undertaken with the goal of assessing driver responsibility for the events established as the collision's causative factors.

Traffic Safety Unit personnel respond to and are responsible for the resultant investigations of all motor vehicle fatalities and other serious motor vehicle collisions occurring on Florence Township roadways.

Members of the Florence Township Police Dept. Traffic Safety Unit are:

Capt. Boldizar
Sgt. Correnti
Det. Ford
Ptl. Filippine
Ptl. Young
Ptl. Sadar


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