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Training Division

The Florence Township Police Department schedules training and updates for all sworn police personnel according to federal, state, and municipal training mandates. This division ensures that bi-annual certifications and quarterly training are maintained and ensures the safety and proficiency of police officers in the quality of service offered to our community. In addition, the Training Division coordinates agency training for new recruits, maintains instructor certifications, and implements new training programs as required by the Office of the Chiefs of Police and the State Attorney General’s Office.

Along with Departmental training that is mandated yearly for all sworn personnel, the Florence Township Police Department has specialized training for EMT’s, DARE Officers, Traffic Safety Officers, Fire Investigation Officers, Radar Instructors, Firearms Instructors, Handgun and Rifle Armorers, MEB Instructor, Evidence Custodians, Crime Scene Technicians, Bike Patrol, Field Training Officer, and many other Special Duty Assignments.

The Training of the Department is Supervised by Operation Bureau Commander, who coordinates the Departmental training as well as specialized training for civilians assigned to the Department as crossing guards and other civilian administrative positions within the agency.

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