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The Township of Florence operates a drop-off facility for residents that wish to recycle on their own. The site is located on Summer Street next to the Public Works Complex. Only residents of the Township of Florence are permitted to utilize the site.

Items that may be brought to the site include:

Electronics including computers, monitors, speakers, televisions, radios, stereo equipment, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers/curling irons, telephones, clothing irons, toaster ovens, toasters, etc.
Glass bottles and jars
Aluminum cans
Plastic bottles (#1 and #2)
Plastic containers (#1, #2, #5)
Tin and Steel cans
Paper cartons (orange juice & milk type containers)
Newspapers & Junk Mail
Office Paper & Cardboard
Latex Paint

Heavy metals, scrap metals, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and appliances including refrigerators, stoves, ovens, washers and dryers, dishwashers, etc.

Some examples of other metals that can be recycled are: old metal tubs, metal sinks, pipes, wire, metal fence, metal siding materials, metal roofing materials, gutters, metal doors, car parts, car wheels (without the tire on it)

Leaves, brush, tree limbs and waste wood. *Pressure treated waste wood is not permitted to be deposited at the facility – pressure treated lumber is considered trash.

*Concrete and asphalt are not recycled at this time and therefore, they are not permitted to be dropped at the facility. *

Commercial users are not permitted to deposit materials at the drop-off facility. The center is monitored and abuse of the facility will lead to legal actions being taken.



711 Broad Street  •  Florence, NJ 08518  •  609-499-2525
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